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Whether you want to learn how to merge safely on an interstate or simply want to conduct the road test to earn a driver’s license, our services can help. All services include the use of a company vehicle.


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Road Test

The FLHSMV road test required to obtain a driver’s license.

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The road test is the same skills test administered by the DMV. Applicants are evaluated on their ability to control the vehicle and obey traffic laws and signs. Additionally, applicants are required to conduct five maneuvers:

-Straight-In Parking

-Parking on a Hill

-Quick Stop


-Turnabout (3-Point Turn)

Test results are electronically submitted to the DMV immediately after the exam. If an applicant fails a test, he or she must wait at least 24 hours before the next attempt.

Pre-Test Refresher Lesson + Test

30-minute lesson, covering knowledge and skills required for the road test

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This lesson is encouraged for students who already possess the minimum skills and ability of a safe driver yet would like a refresher on the test elements or simply want practice to rid test anxiety. This lesson covers all five maneuvers required to pass the test as well as a review of basic traffic laws and signs. 

This lesson does not guarantee a student to pass the test; however, the chances of passing the test greatly improve after this lesson.

If a student takes the pre-test refresher and fails the test, a retest will be administered as soon as possible at no extra cost.

Standard Lesson + Test

Two-hour lesson aimed to help build confidence and to prepare for the road test.

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Driving lessons are two hours long, and students may take only one lesson within 24 hours. These lessons aim to help build confidence behind the wheel while also prepare students for the test. The lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and ability. At the end of each lesson, the instructor will give the student a written evaluation of things the student executed well and things that need improvement as well as recommend or not recommend the student for the test. Each student who takes a lesson is entitled to a road test and a retest at no extra cost if the student fails the first attempt. If the instructor recommends the student for the test, the test will be taken immediately after the lesson. If the student is not recommended for the test, the student should consider further practice before returning to test at a later date. No number of lessons will guarantee a student to pass the road test, but our objective is to help every student meet their goal of obtaining a license. Driving lessons are recommended for students who do not yet possess the skills, knowledge, or confidence to operate a motor vehicle safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the road test conducted?

The test is conducted on small, low-traffic roads near the facility.

How long is the road test?

The road test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, depending on traffic levels. With administrative requirements, execution of the test, and after-test discussions, plan to be in and out within 30 minutes.

After passing the road test, how soon can I get my driver's license?

Applicants who pass the road test are given an All Class Drivers Exam Certificate to take to the DMV, which can be used to bypass making an appointment and get the license printed out, same day. Some counties DO require appointments to print out the license, so please ensure you check your specific county's policies.

If I fail my road test, what happens next?

No one is perfect, so failures happen, even to good drivers. If a student fails, he or she will be told exactly what they did correctly as well as what caused the failure. 

A retest will be scheduled at the next available date. All retests must be taken at least 24 hours AFTER the previous test.

How many times can I take the test?

In Florida, all applicants are given 4 chances per year to pass the road test. The first 3 attempts may be conducted at a Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

If the applicant fails the first 3 attempts, the 4th and final attempt must be conducted at a DMV.

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Giving better understanding of driving rules, requirements, and techniques that will make our roads safer for everyone. Being taught by professional, state-certified instructors can deliver that extra peace of mind knowing you or your teen can safely, securely and confidently navigate our nation’s roadways.


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